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Why I'm here
While looking for a hitch for my own motorcycle, a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic (pictured at left), I noticed that no one made hitches for any of the other "metric cruisers" (i.e. foreign made cruisers). So I decided to make one for myself and now I can make one for you. I specialize in making hitches for Kawasaki motorcycles. All steel construction will not flex or bend and makes pulling a trailer a breeze! Your choice of finishes: classic Chrome Plating or a more econimic Powder Coating.
Check here for updates. I have just launched this site and hope to be adding to it in the near future.:

12/5/01   Launched new site!
12/10/01 Added pictures from the Toy Run.
1/4/02 Added links to the WebRings I joined
4/30/02 Added pics to Picture Page (including one of myself)
9/12/02 Added pics and made a few changes to the site.

I would appreciate any feedback. Let me know what you would like to see or any thing more you would like to know about my product.
Why you are here
The hitch I designed will bolt on to any Kawasaki Vulcan with the Fire and Steel backrest or can be easily adapted to any other type of backrest. Although I specialize in Kawasaki I can build a kustom hitch for any motorcycle with the same all steel construction and choice of finishes.

Kustom Hitch for the Vulcan 1500
This is the Kustom Hitch I made for a friends Vulcan 1500. Basically the same as my hitch but just over an inch wider.
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How much is it going to cost?
Good question. Because all of my hitches are kustom made for each bike I can't give you a set price here. For a price quote email me and tell me about your motorcycle.

WebRings I joined. Check 'em out!!!!

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Will also build Kustom Trailers.